Enterprise Mobile Computers
Enterprise Mobile Computer
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    • Advanced data capture technology
    • Integrated UHF RFID Tag for device asset tracking
    • Easy and cost-effective deployment
    • Flexible models to meet diverse business needs
    • Powerful Scanning performance
    • Rugged design for all day everyday use
    • Superior ease of use
    • Easily managed from anywhere
    • The most rugged EDA design
    • Powerful microprocessor designed for mobility
    • Most advanced Bluetooth functionality
    • Works on any wireless LAN
    • Switchable 3G networks
    • Powerful enough to run the most demanding applications
    • Power management features
    • Built-in biometric fingerprint reader
    • Memory to support any application
    • Motorola MAX Rugged for industry leading rugged design and reliability
    • Gun-style ergonomics for ease of use and user comfort.
    • Maximum flexibility
    • Rugged, lightweight design
    • Maximum power
    • Best connectivity options
    • The intelligence of a mobile computer & simplicity of a scanner
    • Comprehensive connectivity options
    • Comprehensive data capture options
    • Integrated 1D laser / 2D Imager (HD optional) and 2MP camera
    • 1.5m drop tolerance and IP65 sealing
    • GSM / GPRS and GPS (AGPS and DGPS)
    • Numeric backlit keypad
    • Integrated HF RFID reader
    • Integrated 1D laser / 2D Imager (HD optional) and 3MP auto focus camera
    • 1.8m drop tolerance, IP65 sealing and MIL-STD 810G
    • 3.5G GSM / HSDPA and GPS (AGPS and DGPS)
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